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Paloma Chavez

jan2.jpgOne of our favorite resources is the Shambala Sun magazine. As we continue to feel the promise and excitement of a new year it is vital that we gather as many nurturing and supportive tools as we can. And the January issue of Shambala Sun has a wealth of thoughtful resources.

An insightful piece entitled “More Than Just a Body” is an interview with Rodney Yee that offers us a brief yet intimate insight into his personal practice. In it he discusses meditation, the popularity of yoga, the perceived lack of men practicing yoga and some sage advise for beginners.

Also check out the article “The Only Choice is Kindness “by Steve Siberman, which is an interview with Buddhism teacher Sylvia Boorstein. “I didn’t become a Buddhist because I wanted to be a good meditator,” she says. “I wanted to suffer less.” The writer takes us through Ms. Boorstein’s beginnings as a child growing up in Brooklyn to her life today as a writer, teacher and yoga student.

Do you have a favorite yoga magazine or resource that you would like to share with the YogaHub community? Tell us all about it.

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