New Year, New Habit

Paloma Chavez

newyearresolution.jpgIt is not just about showing up on the mat; it is about how you work with your mind and the experience. – Cyndi Lee

So have you done it to yourself again, started the year with a lengthy list of “resolutions” for the New Year? Well you are not alone or uncommon. It is our human instinct to want to seek change and growth and to try to achieve them all in one year.

We desire success and fear failure, so often times we can be our own obstacles to achieving our goals. Even in our approach to an ongoing yoga practice, there can be nagging thoughts that hinder us from being fully present, fully open to the practice.

In an article in YogaPlus –Joyful Living magazine entitled “How to Take Control of Your Habits “ by Rabiya S. Tuma examines our habitual behaviors. Ms. Tuma who is a biologist and writes on brain research explores scientific and sociological views on how we hold onto “old habits.”

She offers sound observations, as well as those of psychologists and researchers of how the act of gratitude or promise can bring us closer to our intentions for success. There is also a five-point list called “Tactics that Work” that can be adopted for a “better chance of making new habits stick.”
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