One Love, Many Purposes

Paloma Chavez

scorne.jpg“I never would have thought 15 years ago that I would have developed a sense of purpose around service the way that I have,” she says. “And it took me many years of yoga and guidance to help direct me into that part of my passion today.”
Seane Corn

This is a quote from the Los Angeles Times article “Seane Corn”A World Beyond Yoga” I think many of us who are experiencing both the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga may be able to relate to this very easily.

It’s safe to say that each of us has at one time or another volunteered for a good cause or charity, but how often have we been inspired to make that act an ongoing effort? And, yes it is not everyone’s calling to make this kind of contribution on a regular basis.

But what if it is in our hearts and we just don’t know how to begin, or we talk ourselves out of it because we think we have no time? It may seem that it is easier for a celebrity to “do good” because they can have more impact because of their notoriety, but I doubt that the joy they receive from their accomplishment is any different from what we would gain.

So whether it takes you (as it did Seane Corn) 15 years to gain this confidence, or if you are already in that groove and you think you can do even more –go with it and expand your giving. The return is always a surprise and a rejuvenation of our spirit.

What would happen if we came together and used our resources, our time and our energy to serve a cause or a crisis?” –Seane Corn

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One Response to “One Love, Many Purposes”

  1. Elbert says:

    Giving your time is the best thing you can do for any kind of cause. You can always make more money or watch more tv later. When later comes, time is already gone.

    And every single person on the planet is equipped to give in some kind of way. Each person is made uniquely, even at the molecular level where there are literally an infinite number of ways a person can be constructed. This makes each person uniquely gifted to handle unique circumstances. Part of the problem, maybe the biggest, is recognizing this gift and applying it. So many people say, “I’m not good at anything!” Such is not the case. Take an honest look at yourself, and/or ask those close to you, “What am I good at?” If you find that the answer is nothing, buy a new mirror and get some new friends. 🙂

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