Yoga in Your Town

Paloma Chavez

desertyoga.jpgSometimes we find the most helpful information in some of the most unusual spots. This week we came across a post all about yoga teachers and classes in Tucson, Arizona on the Arizona Night Buzz online site. Typically they are covering the hotspots in the city from clubs to video and restaurants. I found it to be a good article for anyone looking for basic information as well as specific locations of several yoga studios in the Tucson area.

For each of the studios listed they begin with a subtitle such as “Yoga is good for your Back, Yoga is a workout, or Yoga is Cheap” and then they give you a quick explanation and the name of the studio. Good fun and informative.

Another interesting feature is their listing of locals who are students or teachers, as in the yoga teacher and anchor man Guy Atchley of KGUN-TV, or Amy Weintraub writer of “Yoga for Depression” and the founding director of LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute.

For our Arizona readers this is a lot of useful information in a small package. If you have attended any of these studios please let us know about your experience.

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