Telluride Yoga Festival

Paloma Chavez

Telluride Yoga FestivalThis week, in the beautiful valley of Telluride, Colorado, the first annual Telluride Yoga Festival will welcome local and international yoga practitioners for a three- day retreat. From July 11 to 13, the festival will be offering an array of classes, seminars, and performances led by leading yoga teachers and health professionals.

Each morning will begin with a meditation session, while the afternoons will be designed to follow the ayurvedic tradition, so that the days will end in a “restorative, gentle asana, satsang, meditation and/or discussion.”

For attendees who have children with them, the festival is also offering Be Your Own Hero: A Yoga Fest for Kids & Teens. This event will focus on introducing young people to the idea of living in balance with themselves and their communities through yoga. Professionals with experience in creative arts therapies, including Sydney Solis, author and creator of Storytime Yoga, will be conducting the youth workshops.

The festival organizers are also conscientiously aspiring to be a “zero waste” event by offering reusable bags, eco-friendly gift items, and an unlimited supply of purified drinking water from dispensers provided by Culligan Water Conditioning.

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