Children’s Stories through Yoga Poses

Paloma Chavez

storytime.jpgSydney Solis is an experienced and committed yogini of Anusura. She is also a mother, a storyteller and an author of numerous stories for children. As a young girl she was inspired by her father’s love for yoga and books of stories from cultures around the world.

Her own interest in world cultures, religions and stories took her to many countries as a photographer and reporter. Today that interest and her devotion to yoga has given her the inspiration to author such books as The Treasure in Your Heart: Yoga and Stories for Peaceful Children, and Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story. Through these stories, Ms. Solis’ intent is to help children understand their own self-worth and ability for self-confidence, while encouraging their imagination.

Through Storytime Yoga they offer the opportunity of acting out the stories through yoga poses in which lessons about living a healthy and peaceful life are affirmed.

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2 Responses to “Children’s Stories through Yoga Poses”

  1. Sydney Solis says:

    What a lovely write up. Thank you! Thank you! I have been amazed at how powerful story is not just for children, but adults as well. Hearing a story connects us to eternity, for storytelling suspends time and space. It gives us a different perspective on things and an opportunity for self-study, svadyaya. Many people who take my teacher trainings online connect not only to traditional stories, but find the power of their own personal story. It’s quite therapeutic and also an expressive art form. Art is coming back! Art, stories, poetry; these things of the spirit are returning. Storytelling, story listening and story making are what makes our world participatory and connected to feel the mystery, joy and awe of life, rather than just consuming our world and being consumed. Stories can reconnect us to nature, our communities and our selves and are actually the perfect yoga!
    I hope everyone takes the time to hear a story. They are not just for kids! I hope you all find time to tell a story to a child. It’s magical and it can affect a child’s life forever!!
    Sydney Solis

  2. Annmarie21 says:

    I like reading posts and finding out what people think. I will keep an eye on the information you will add and see what you come up with. thank you

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