Are You Sick or Just Detoxing?

Christina Souza Ma

flu.jpgThis has been quite the week. My son had a runny nose and fever, while my partner had a high fever and was coughing all day and night. Luckily, my body has fared very well through all the detoxing that is happening around me.

That’s what I tend to call it – detoxing. Why, some might ask? Especially in light of this H1N1 scare that has affected the nation.

Well, my son, being 2 ½ – or to be more exact, 2 years and 7 months – is still dealing with growth spurts and his final molar, which is coming in at about 25%. Every time he goes through one of his teething periods, he has a high fever. Also during these times, he sleeps at least a few hours more every day, and eats very little for about two weeks. Then suddenly, when the fever stops, the power eating begins and the energy is heightened.

The Chinese have an excellent term for this, which sort of translates to “the bones releasing the heat.” I find this fascinating.

My partner, on the other hand, began coughing when the fires were raging here in the southland. When he was almost over it, he began the Parasidial Cleanse. Whoa, within the first two days his coughing increased, and he began to have headaches and a fever. Not for one moment did I even believe it to be the flu. Quite commonly, these are symptoms when the body gives off all the pent-up toxins. It’s certainly not pleasant for anyone to go through, but believe me, he and I would prefer to go through these uncomfortable days than have the toxins build up inside us, as that would lead to other more destructive situations.

As for me, I just made sure I had my trusty Essential Oil mixture beside me and didn’t forget to use my Neti Pot. I’ve been using these daily – and so far, I’m feeling great.

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Author: Christina Souza Ma

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