Never Rush A Neti Pot Cleansing!

Francesca Silva

go-to-bed.jpgSo I’ve been cleansing with my Neti Pot for a few weeks now and everything’s been going well.

Until now…

The other night I was really tired. It had been a long day filled with frustration, so all I wanted to do was go to bed and have a good night’s rest. I went through my usual nightly ritual and then all but fell into bed, exhausted.

That’s when I remembered my Neti Pot. Oh, so much for my “nightly ritual” – I’d forgotten a very important part of it. I lay there for the next five minutes, debating whether it was worth getting up and doing the cleansing or just forgetting about it and going to sleep.

Of course, after debating on that for a while (I can always give myself a great argument), I realized I couldn’t sleep anyway, so I thought I might as well get up and commune with Neti.

I went through my now usual routine – I measured out the usual dose, poured in the warm water, lent over the sink, tilted my head, poured the liquid into one nostril… and made a complete mess, somehow managing to pour the liquid up my nose, resulting in an intense pain shooting through my head, which in turn caused me to gag and choke. “Not pleasant” would be a major understatement! I then proceeded to blow my nose for the next 20 minutes until my head exploded… or at least it felt like it had exploded.
Once I was through blowing my head off, I sulkily cleaned up the mess and changed into another sleep shirt before getting into bed, all the while grumbling to myself and cursing my Neti Pot.

At least I’ve learned one very important lesson – the next time I’m tired and just want an early night, I should just go to bed and not worry about missing one night with Neti!
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