Sharan Ro and the Era of “And”

Participating in Sharan Ro’s presentation, “New Era Living: The World of And” turned out to be a wonderful Wizard of Oz-like journey into a land where instead of either/or answers to life’s options and pathways, the answers can be, well, why not both? Why not choose this AND that too? Why not, indeed. Another breakthrough in those walls of limited thinking that hold in so many of our lives. You see in this Wizard of Oz tale, Dorothy standing at the crossroads and asking the Scarecrow which way is to the Emerald City — city of dreams and hopes — gets a different kind of answer. In the New Era Oz, when the Scarecrow’s arms go this way and that, it’s because this road and that road can get you there — with different scenery and people and situations along the way!

Sharon was a bundle of what YogaHub’s friend Anatara Buckley would call effervescence, I’m sure. It’s easy to see why she’s in demand with all kinds of organizations for her inspirational directives to new ways of thinking. Whether it’s business or education or government or some other association, this Hawaiian born and bred visionary has the ability to motivate and shift the thinking and vision of the people she’s addressing.

In this session Sharan gave us a peak at her new book which is a series of imaginative guided meditations designed to lead us into a new era where we are not limited by the mistaken belief, the limiting belief, that we can only choose one way, one thing, one place or situation. The new era is bursting with possibilities because it is an invitation to give oneself permission to have, oh let’s say, a home in Hawaii AND a home in New Mexico. To have a vocation as a healer AND as a teacher. Get the picture? We so often think automatically that it has to be one or the other. Sharan’s paradigm shift is opening up an era where we can think much bigger — and live much larger.

The meditation process involves 12 Gateways that initiate the inner traveler into the next era. From imagining new possibilities with humanity to new possibilities with the worlds of mind, heart, emotions, nature, spirit and more — she guides her fellow travelers expertly through the mysterious lands and ultimately Home — just like Dorothy, but a home with new and expanded possibilities.

I’m so glad I attended! It was a process that helped affirm my own path and dreams and let me know I’m not alone in this shift. Be on the lookout for Sharan’s new book with this guided meditative process in it soon!

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