Shaktipat Meditation with Steven S. Sadleir

Miss the Live Session? The Energy is Still Transmitting!

My own meditation and energy work teacher said to me during one of my first meditation classes, “I don’t know if you know it, but you run a LOT of Kundalini energy. It’s probably hard for a lot of people to keep up with you.” That was about six years ago. I had no idea what that meant at the time, and as goes Kundalini, I’m still a beginner at understanding this particular type of energy, even if it was organically streaming through me long before I had a name for it. So when I saw the session by Steven Sadleir, Kundalini Master, I made a beeline for it in hopes of learning more. I wasn’t disappointed.

My real experiment with Steve’s session was whether his live meditation, which was a deliberate Shaktipat transmission — or the transference of energy from teacher to student, would even work listening to the meditation after the fact in its recorded form.

I’m here to report Steve proves the space/time continuum is indeed as flexible as we need it to be. The energy he worked with in his session was every bit as alive and present and transmitting to me when I sat down for it as it must have been for those lucky enough to tune in to the live stream.

Into Steve’s metaphorical hot-tub I went as he began the guided meditation, and soaked up the ambiance as well as a very definite hot-wired Kundalini charge. Water is an energy conductor after all, and rather than being shocked by Steve’s dipping of the live charge into the water, he kept us grounded while we raised our hands to receive the energy safely, but very noticeably. 

I’m used to working with energy so the tingles and substance I could feel while we played with our balls of energy between our palms were not new sensations, but they were far more intense than anything I’ve felt before. Yes, even in the recorded session, I had the spine-tingling responses as the Kundalini channeled, my third eye lit up like a camp-fire and my crown got that intense sensation of “something” or “somebody” is pressing on it.

If you missed the live call, believe me, you won’t be disappointed with the recorded meditation. The hot-tub treatment works because energy is not bound by time or distance. I never had any problem with understanding distance healing, for example, but finding a direct transmission from teacher to student works as well listening after the fact is really a revelation. On an energy level, all of Steve’s students WERE present — even those who have yet to listen. The Shakti is there, waiting for each one drawn to this to tune in. It’s that simple. And that profound.

Recalibration is what Steve called what he was doing, and I have felt a noticeable difference over the past couple of days in my energy level — which has simply “popped” to a new level. I slept more soundly but didn’t need as much sleep. I’ve been buzzing energetically as I look at decisions that have to be made and the actions of moving to a new place are before me again. If ever I needed a tune up, it’s now. By responding to the voice of the teacher, that’s all — his voice — we tune in to the transmission and get a boost that, as he says, is more powerful than years of meditation on our own could produce. We benefit from his years of meditation, teaching and his own absorption of Shaktipat from his teacher and the lineage that comes from.

Beyond the opening of chakras, especially the crown, to receive an enlightening connection to Source energy, this is a consciousness awakening meditation and as consciousness is made more aware there can be only one result: increased happiness, peace and connectivity to the consciousness of others. In other words, it’s like getting plugged in and suddenly receiving the communications that have been going on all along. Only now you can see them, hear them, meet them! The flow of abundance is opening up as the Kundalini Master assists us in getting properly connected to the energy Cloud! Unconnected, or disconnected, we miss opportunities and simply can’t receive what the universe has to offer because we can’t even get the messages. What Steve is after, he tells the students, is a 180° turn so that we become observers of the observer observing. But don’t let that sound complicated, it’s really not. Just listen, get in the hot-tub, raise your hands when Steven directs that, and let the transmission pass to you!

From my perspective, this one session with Steve is worth the price of admission alone. If you missed it, get on over to the Shaktipat session now. Your energy awaits.

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