What the Dolphins Have Taught Me

Anatara Buckley

I have just returned from a glorious two-week initiation with pods of wild dolphins in the Pacific waters of Hawaii’s Big Island. The experience was an initiation into a world so divine that it defies many of the ‘laws’ and standards that we tend to accept as normal in our human world.

Learning from the dolphins is not like going to class…it is instead an experience of total immersion in a sea of oneness. The dolphins swim, glide, turn, spiral and breathe as one. They do almost nothing on their own, as individual entities.

They are a ‘being’ made up by many individual beings. Even when two are physically making love, there are others right beside them, sharing in the simplicity and beauty of it, accepting the joy as a shared pod activity.

There is no exclusion. All are welcome, including we human visitors.

Imagine the talk that would occur if two humans made love in the presence of a group of other people. What does this say about us, the human species?

What is it like to live in a pod? What does one have to ‘give up’ and set aside that we usually feel is so important, to live in pod consciousness? What is gained in absolute acceptance, between pod members, that they are united simply by being? What is gained by knowing that there is no one member more important than another? These are questions that flowed through me as I watched their world so intimately.

When one steps into the ocean to swim toward a pod of ‘wild’ dolphins, the first sensation, upon seeing them swimming below you in the blue or approaching you on the surface of the water, is a sense of awe. This first glimpse, for me, was also accompanied by an instant slowing of my breath. I was at once deeply peaceful. I felt that I was enveloped in the most profound Love that I had ever known.

I believe that the awe was inspired by their sheer beauty. Sleek bodies, glistening silver in the underwater sunlight, dancing together, flying under the sea without the restrictions imposed by gravity above the water’s surface.

They move lusciously together, each one’s movement mirroring the one adjacent to it. Rising in groups at the same moment to take a series of three breaths before diving again into deeper water.

If I really think about it, I can’t actually understand why we create such separation from each other in our human forms. What on earth, literally on earth, can be so threatening about another person’s being-ness?

Why are the dolphins here? What do they share with us about why we are here?

I was always amazed by how happy they were to see us. And by how happy they were to play with us…diving, spiraling in the water, blowing bubbles, and sharing their toys. With their fins, they pick up dead leaves, swimming along with them until they want to drop them for another friend, either dolphin or human. Many times I swam with a leaf in my hand, which was picked up by one of them swimming by.

Much is said about the telepathic communication that the dolphins use within the pod. I found that this exchange extends to us, as humans, to the earth and also out into galaxies known and unknown. The exchange is so simple. Based on feeling, which truly is a knowing that we can rely on.

When swimming with them, if they are moving a little bit faster than you want to go, you can simply feel that you would love them to slow down a bit, to your speed, and they will. If you are drifting on the surface waiting for them to arrive, you can call out with your heart, and they will soon appear beside you.

There were many more prescient things that we shared with each other. And those I will write about at another time…but I would like to make an offering about why they are here in our oceans…

The dolphins Love us. The dolphins are Love. They Love the earth and they Love all of the dimensions seen and unseen that exist around us. They want us to know these realities. They want us to accept and Love each other within the context of a pod. Knowing that the only thing required to live integrated, harmonious, joyous and Loving lives is to put aside the very energetic of competition, and swim into cohesive cooperation.

They want us to live without fear… they want us to be Love.

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