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Paloma Chavez

DC_Pink-Ribon.jpgJust because Breast Cancer Awareness month has just passed doesn’t mean you can’t continue to let others know of your support for this worthwhile cause. The Breast Cancer Site is a daily reminder that we can continue to make a difference simply by accessing the site and clicking on their “give free mammograms” box. You could also make a donation to any of the worthy breast cancer organizations.

But what else can you do to show that you care?

Well, we all know that the Pink Ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness, and as a yoga practitioner you could always show your continued support by having the emblem on your mat, your yoga clothing, or your favorite accessory.

The Breast Cancer Site Store offers lots of fun, wearable items with the embossed Pink Ribbon logo. This symbol will clearly and immediately identify you as a supporter who promotes the necessity of bringing awareness of breast cancer to all communities.

Here are just a few items that you may want to include in your yoga supplies.

If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive that will show your support, you could wear the Pink Ribbon of Hope pin on your yoga clothing. Or you may want to consider the Pink Ribbon Yoga Mat bag, a fair-trade item handmade in Sri Lanka by a women’s cooperative working in conjunction with the organization Suba Ude, whose mission is “to organize long term sustainable and participatory creative programs for tsunami affected people.”

For the upcoming winter, the lightweight Pink Ribbon Fleece Vest, which comes in black and various shades of pink, will keep you warm. And those who go to their yoga classes early in the mornings may want to take along a stainless steel and plastic pink travel mug.

These are just some of the many items to choose from the Breast Cancer site. You will also be able to select purses, jewelry, t-shirts, and lunch bags. And when you purchase any item from their site, a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go towards funding a mammogram.

To show your support of breast cancer awareness and promote a message of hope, click on to the following websites:

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