The Business of Yoga

Paloma Chavez

DC_Yoga-Studio.jpgWho doesn’t want a local yoga studio in their neighborhood? Easy to get to and close to other daily conveniences, a local studio could also encourage more people to experience the benefits of yoga. But what happens when a yoga studio is not considered an acceptable retail service under the township’s code?

That is exactly what the Township Committee of the Cranford, New Jersey community has been debating over the past few weeks.

Recently, a local yoga teacher expressed interest in opening a studio within an area of local businesses. However, it was discovered that the area was not zoned for this type of business and a change in the township code would be required in order to allow a yoga studio to be set up on a retail site.

In an article published in the Cranford Chronicle, Leslie Murray interviewed Township Attorney Carl Woodward, who elaborated on the situation. “The reality is that stand alone yoga studios would not be permitted, but if they were part of a gymnasium then it would be allowed.” Woodward went on to say, however, that the Township Committee does have the authority to pass an ordinance to amend the code.

Commissioner Michael Plick is in favor of allowing the yoga studio to open its doors, and has suggested that a complete revision of the specific section of the township code would be beneficial to the community in the long term. Mayor Bob Puhak has also pointed out that there have been certain discrepancies between what types of services the code permits and what the township actually allows.

The Township Committee has scheduled a process for the discussion to continue. A first reading of the ordinance has been approved and it will be followed by a public hearing of the proposed amendment, with the final reading of the amendment to take place on November 25th.

To access the full article in the Cranford Chronicle, click on the following website:

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