The Winds of Change

elbert traister

Barack Obama at BeachChange is on the horizon. That much is evident. This past Tuesday marks not only a change in the American regime, but a fundamental shift in the way this country is viewed from the outside, as well as the inside. Barack Obama’s election brings hope, and with it, an understanding that that hope must be buried in firm socio-economic platforms to see any tangible results. Obama himself stated that it might even take more than one term to achieve real, meaningful change. As a side note, one could make the argument the charismatically savvy democrat has started his re-election campaign before he even sets foot in the Oval office. Get ready America. This is definitely a man with a plan.

One of Obama’s defining platforms is his stance on the nation’s healthcare system, regarded by many as socialist at its core. Whatever your belief, one thing is clear: people must become more educated when it comes to taking care of their own bodies.

Yoginis, I have found, are some of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to what works for their bodies and what doesn’t. You are the expert of your body because you live with it everyday. Achieving long term health doesn’t just happen. Proactive measures must be taken because the human body constantly undergoes changes, physically and mentally. With each new day, the exploration of your body begins anew, and a few weeds may have sprouted since your last visit.

Whether or not you believe in the power of yoga, and whatever the state of the nation’s healthcare system happens to be, take care of your body. It is a gift. After all, if you don’t care about your body, why should anyone else?

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