The Importance of Breathing

derek kadota

DK_Karate-Kid.jpgWhen I first started doing yoga, I noticed that breathing is an integral part of the yoga process. Also, the proper technique of exhaling and inhaling is vital in order for you to withstand various stretches and poses for a lengthy period of time.

I distinctly remember a piece of advice from the movie, “The Karate Kid,” where Mr. Miyage would often preach “Breathing. Very Important!”

And, I guess I never knew how important this was, until I started to do yoga.

So, the first thing that I do before a yoga workout is to be aware of my BREATHING. I check to see how my breaths are working (inhaling and exhaling) and basically, to see how my body reacts to my breath intake.

During a yoga workout, I begin to sense the timing of my breaths and how I’m able to control each intake as I do a yoga pose. I also notice that when going to yoga more than once a week, I don’t seem to be as tired as compared to going only once a week.

As a final thought, breathing is a normal part of life. When doing yoga, every single breath is as important as the next when transitioning into a pose. You never realize it until you start your first yoga workout. So, get out there and head to your local yoga studio.

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2 Responses to “The Importance of Breathing”

  1. Trish says:

    Well put. I find it fascinating to spend 30 minutes a day to sit completely still and do nothing, focusing on OM (or the number 1) and listen to your own breath. This is how I clear my head when things get too stressed or hard to handle.

  2. Derek says:


    Glad to hear that there’s people like YOU who takes the time and focuses before your workout. What’s cool about the instructor that I have, is that depending on the season or weather, she will adjust the workout according to the “energy” that’s around us. It’s awesome and I wish that all yoga instructors care like that! looking forward to hearing from you…

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