A Real Estate Yogini

Paloma Chavez

DC_Realtor.JPGBeing a realtor is not just about finding the best deals but also about being able to stay calm and focused, especially during the constant changes in the current economic whirlwind. Craig Henig, who has enjoyed a successful long-term career in commercial real estate, has found that practicing hot yoga enables him to ride out any stresses he may encounter.

“I have always been able to handle many stressful situations, from the office to the three amigos – my three wild little boys”, Henig says. “But the hot yoga really helps me sit back and relax and breathe in a difficult situation.”

Craig’s initiation into hot yoga came about through his wife, Dayna. She was persuaded to take a hot yoga class by a local hot yoga studio owner, Sumit Banerjee, who was known in the area as being somewhat “eccentric.” Dayna attended her first session and was not convinced of its benefits, so she thought she would not return. After some consideration, however, she decided to try it one more time and, as she says, “I became addicted.” Her enthusiasm convinced Craig to give it a try and he soon discovered that hot yoga not only generated the energy he needed to run an upcoming half-marathon, but also provided relief for him from some recurring injuries.

As active people who have enjoyed running marathons and who have “embraced the mental fitness” of yoga, Craig and Dayna now own their own yoga studio, Sumits Yoga studio at McCormick Ranch. And as for the “eccentric” Banerjee who first encouraged them to try hot yoga – he is now their business partner.

Read the following article for more information on the Sumits Yoga Studio and the benefits of hot yoga:
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