Getting Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

I’ve been checking out yoga equipment and yoga accessories and am pleasantly surprised to locate them easily in popular retail stores like Target.

There was a time, not too long ago, when yoga practitioners created make-shift yoga props with long beach towels and square throw pillows. When I began studying yoga in 1986, we simply laid towels down on a carpeted floor, wore old T-shirts and loose sweat pants. In fact, I didn’t even own a yoga mat till 2000!

Anyone else has memories of yoga “back in the days?”

Nowadays, folks are loading their shopping carts with yoga straps, blocks, DVDs and yoga mats in a rainbow of colors. I watched a couple in their 40’s looking over the yoga DVD selections as their children tried out the yoga mats.  The good part of all this is that yoga is more accessible and can be for everyone, not just those who were able to afford a trip to India to study with a guru or those who were already flexible, strong and healthy.

And that has always been the message, but only a few folks got it.  Yoga really is for everyone, with or without yoga props, in any clothes or even with some help from an aisle in Target!

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