Freedom to Move into Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

yoga movementSometimes I look around a yoga class I’m attending and notice how too much instruction can create the opposite effect of what we really desire- a freedom in the body. Students are straining to follow every detail of a yoga teacher’s instructions as their bodies become rigid and turn into stone statues.

Although yoga schools and styles vary greatly, they all promote discovering and reconnecting with prana. And if prana is connected and flowing, then you experience life moving through you.
The yoga poses are alive. They tell stories. Reveal messsages. Change every nano-second. The cobra wiggles up. The crow proudly lifts off. The warrior may be threatening or playful.

There is life in each of the sequences. Which is why each yoga session feels like you’re going on a trip to somewhere else – within yourself.

[Painting by Anja Borgstrom]

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