In Yoga, Less Can Be Much More

Margaret Kruszewska

I overdid a lunge yesterday. I was getting into a nice sequence of lunge/ downward-facing dog and pressed on that back heel a little too much and – tweek- felt something move all the way to my knee. Yes, I was pushing myself cause it felt good but, not knowing my limits, I set myself back instead.

We watch yoga teachers demonstrate big dramatic moves and then try and do them without considering our own body type and health. Sometimes it’s the subtle, tiny moves that are more powerful than the sweeping extraordinary ones.

Doing more, giving more, delivering more are all common ways of feeling we’re excelling. Not really. Many times doing more is just excessive and doesn’t support the integrity of our intentions. Knowing when “just enough” is right can be more challenging. That requires deep listening, honesty and facing our limitations during moments when we think we are boundless.

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