Mind-blowing Cures for Colds

Francesca Silva

AMGT_ginger_03.17.09.jpgI just blew my head off – but at least it took my cold with it!

How did that happen? Well, last week, while checking YogaHub’s website, I came across the newsletter on how immune boosters can help prevent colds and viruses during the winter months.

Hey – perfect timing. Okay, maybe not quite because I already had a cold. But I decided to read on anyway because I though I might be able to pick up some tips on how to get rid of my lingering cold.

Well, I have to say that Beverly certainly knows her stuff! What she said about us decreasing our active lifestyles and thereby increasing our susceptibility to illnesses in the winter months totally resonated with me. In summer, I love being outdoors and keeping busy with various activities. In winter – ah, not so much. So note to self – get off your lazy behind in winter and exercise more!

In the meantime, however, I thought I’d give Beverly’s ginger and Thai soup remedies a try, starting with the ginger since I already had some at home. So I thinly cut about 15 slices of ginger, boiled it in three cups of water, and gingerly (sorry – pardon the pun!) took a few sips. Whooeeee… what a blast to the senses! The spicy tang shot right up my nose and my head just about exploded! But once the initial stinging feeling subsided, I realized that the stuffiness in my head had cleared and, for the first time in days, I could breathe ~ bliss.

So what else is on Beverly’s list? That Thai soup remedy sounds like a good idea and one of these days I’ll head over to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients. In the meantime, however, I’ve increased my intake of vegetables (which I love anyway so that’s not an issue) and – even though I’m a dedicated and passionate coffee drinker – I might even try drinking some tea for a change.

Now, where did my head go….?
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