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jane dagny

JA_hatha-yoga_03.16.09.jpgI was actually a little nervous about taking my first Yoga class. I was afraid that I would not know what to do, not have the right materials, hit the poses incorrectly, not have enough stamina…. Whew – I must have experienced a hundred or more doubts before I even set foot into the Silverlake Yoga studio.

Located in Los Angeles, Silverlake Yoga is a neighborhood studio that evokes the feeling of comfort and familiarity.

The second I stepped through the back door, all my doubts washed away. Before beginning the class, I met with instructor Jill Zepezauer to sign a waiver and go over any injuries, questions, and concerns I may have had.

Jill is awesome. I really like the way she headed the class. She was casual, funny, and informative. She explained the poses well and put an emphasis on going only as far into a pose as you felt comfortable doing. I felt I was being guided and encouraged rather than directed. And I never felt out of place or incapable of keeping up with the others.

I would recommend anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area to check out Silverlake Yoga and Jill Zepezauer in particular. You won’t be disappointed.

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