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Sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by people who complain – all the time about every little thing.

I’m an optimist by nature – how can I not be, when I live with two eternal optimists? Mumsie’s positive attitude has enabled her to endure some severe setbacks in her long life, and hubby always looks at life with a “cup is full not empty” attitude.

Not everyone’s like that, though. I’ve been told I’m a good and empathetic listener but that may not always be a good thing. I find that friends don’t hesitate to call me to share their latest misery – small complaints, large complaints…they lay it all out there for me to listen to. There really are days when I feel like a psychiatrist, albeit an unpaid one!

Then – on the other side of the coin – I have a very good friend who was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and is now undergoing chemo and going through all the pain and discomfort associated with it. But does she ever complain? No. She’s lost most of her hair from the chemo but, instead of hiding at home, she goes out wearing brightly colored scarves so that she can look “totally chic, dahling”! And whenever we talk on the phone or get together, we inevitably end up laughing.

My dear friend knows that she’s in the fight of her life and probably has many tough choices ahead of her. But she’s determined to maintain a positive outlook, surround herself with positive people and not descend into negativity or self-pity. She’s told me that she’s chosen to put herself first and foremost and, if it means having to let go of negative influences in her life, so be it.

To say I admire my friend is a major understatement. The fact that she says she enjoys my company and continues to want me in her life is an honor and privilege.

Watching her handle this challenge with grace and dignity has made me realize that we all have choices to make at every stage of our lives. And how we make those choices also determines how we live our lives and handle the inevitable challenges that will be thrown our way.

How have your choices affected the way you live your life?

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