Category: The Poetry of Yoga

Dr. King’s Words

Paloma Chavez
king.jpgAlmost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.
Today we honor and recognize the work of one of the world’s most inspired peace leaders – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As a man of faith, conscious and eloquence he strove to shift the world’s view on the American civil rights movement during a time of nationwide unrest. To uplift the human spirit by speaking of freedom, peace and compassion when all around him...
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Poetry of Motion

Paloma Chavez
buddha.jpgWith the change in the season, night falling sooner and new reflections of the year closely coming to an end, I found myself in “poetic motion” and I was looking for some inspiration. Perhaps a familiar language that also engages in this journey of taking yoga one day at a time? (more…)
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