The Body as Sacred

Paloma Chavez

jasper2.jpgWhile at the Global Mala Project in Los Angeles, our team had the great fortune to view the inspiring work of Jasper Johal.
Mr. Johal is a photographer of some of the most intimate, artful and beautifully nude views of yoga poses. In his series entitled The Body as Temple we are offered a spiritual and sensuous insight of the body as a sacred being.

Having acquired a camera for $25.00 when he was 13 years old his love of images was born. Even though his parents had hoped that he would pursue a medical career, it was the receipt of his first camera that laid out his path.

When he was 19 years old he left India and came to the U.S. Now as a successful artist and the recognized photographer for Yogi Times in Los Angeles, his work expands over several areas including film posters, and CD covers.

“His unique portrayal of ancient yoga practice honors the human body as sacred temple through which worship of the divine spirit, the ‘One THAT dwells within,’ is fulfilled.”

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