Yoga and Meditation

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_meditation.JPGEvery yoga pose (asana) can also be a meditation. These two functions of a yoga practice are often isolated. In fact, meditation can occur naturally while in one of the hundreds of asanas when you settle into the pose for an extended hold.

This does not mean hold your breath or hold till it hurts. The instruction to find a “comfortable, steady pose” is common in most schools of yoga.

In this way each pose reveals itself to the practitioner. Experiencing a meditative quality while in sitting forward bend will feel very different from doing meditation while walking or sitting in lotus pose.

Integrating meditation with asanas moves your yoga practice toward a more holistic experience which recognizes the power of both the body and the mind, movement and stillness.

-Margaret “saraswati”
Art by Anja Borgstrom

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