Category: The Poetry of Yoga

Gracious Offerings

Christina Souza Ma
Open HandsHere I am, worried about finding the courage to overcome the Neti Pot while the world continues to move forward around me. My beautiful son is a constant reminder of the newest, joyful adventures in daily life. Every morning and evening, we go for walks, as this is my way of spending some quality time with my partner and son. It’s a balance that we have learned...
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Sitting Under the Jasmine

John Sovec
Jasmine TreeEvery year, I look forward to the explosion of blossoming Jasmine that takes over my back porch. When the Jasmine blooms, I move as much of my life as I can to the back patio. I read, meditate, write, eat, do yoga, drink tea – and sometimes I just sit and do nothing at all except bask in the spell of this intoxicating scent. (more…)
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My Dog Has the Right Idea

John Sovec
Sleepy DogI think my dog has the right idea. She always seems content. Her biggest desire each day is to lie in the sun and soak up all the warmth coming off the bricks on the patio. She will be lying there when I run out in the morning to go teach a yoga class. She will be there when I come back and rush around the house to get ready...
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