Shiva Rea’s Heart

Paloma Chavez

shiva.jpg“Poetry is not fanciful rumination but an entryway into the heart temple where we are closest to our truth, vision and wisdom in action.”

Shiva Rea, is a yogini of transformational Vinyasa flow yoga and yoga trance dance. In last month’s LAYoga magazine she writes about her relationship with the writings of Mevlana Jelauddin Rumi.

This year marks the 800th birthday of Rumi, and the essence and honesty of his poetry has continued to inspire and illuminate a the manifestations of the heart. As Shiva Rea writes about her daily practice of reading Rumi and bringing it into her work, we are invited into her own process of understanding the heart’s desires.

It is an open and adoring respect of Rumi’s words and intents, as she asks the question “Do we dare to live our life with such reverberations?” I appreciate the selections she has chosen to share, and how they reflect her ideas of “the love current… and the state of the world.”

The article briefly mentions that she is about to travel through Turkey to celebrate Rumi’s 800th birthday. We hope that she will have an opportunity to share that experience with all of us.

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