A Creative Body

Paloma Chavez
creativitystudents.jpgSo often we begin a yoga practice to release built up tensions, and stresses from our active lives. And then we soon find that what we are actually gaining is a balance of spirit, mind and body. But as one creative non-fiction teacher discovered – the release of a creative self-can also be a result of a consistent yoga practice.

Michael McColly of Columbia College Chicago and Northwestern University was reading story after story of self-abuse, addictions and rape from his students.

These young adults were living a life of emotional repression and sought out unhealthy ways to express their true feelings.

Fortunately, he took it to heart and from his own yoga experience developed a class that would guide the students to be more aware of their body and their creativity. The class entitled “The Writing Body” class is being taught at Columbia College Chicago to great success.

From the article “It’s not just college; this is deep” he states “ I wanted people to write from their body more,” he said. “I’d do meditation, body movement, yoga poses to warm people up. Students responded.” So much so that two of his previous students chose to share their experience by starting the Creative Body club on campus.

As Michael McColly says “You give students some techniques to observe themselves, observe these emotions, then they can channel these emotions toward character [in their writing].”

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