Sitting Under the Jasmine

John Sovec

Jasmine TreeEvery year, I look forward to the explosion of blossoming Jasmine that takes over my back porch. When the Jasmine blooms, I move as much of my life as I can to the back patio. I read, meditate, write, eat, do yoga, drink tea – and sometimes I just sit and do nothing at all except bask in the spell of this intoxicating scent.

I’m sure if you took a moment to think about it, you also have a secret inspirational place of your own, somewhere that provides you with special relaxation and healing. Whether this place is in your house, on the beach or some other place you have to get to, these oases are wells of healing energy for those of us who lead such busy lives.

Take some time out today to indulge in your own private oasis, and you’ll see how it will lift your spirits for the rest of the day.

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Author: John Sovec

John Sovec is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher serving the community of Pasadena. In his therapy work John specializes in focusing clients on uncovering their personal strengths, building upon those strengths, and encouraging clients to live the best lives…

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