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Date Night Yoga

Paloma Chavez
yogacouples.jpgIt's all about intimacy and connection at the heart level as well as the physical," said Sutton. "Every yoga pose is done touching your partner." So when you are running to your yoga class and your loved one is racing to their aerobic workout, when do you find the time to be in a quiet bonding moment. Most couples will just let out a sigh and say “Not enough time in the day.” In Redding, CA a...
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Free Yoga for All

Paloma Chavez
yogaforpeople.jpg“There will be no correct clothes. There will be no proper payment. There will be no right answers. No glorified teachers. No ego no script no pedestals. This yoga is for everyone.” Yoga to the People is located in New York and Berkely and they are committed to making yoga affordable and accessible to all who are interested in a yoga practice. Operating as a donation based studio they...
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Yoga Takes on Punk Rock

Paloma Chavez

punkrock.jpgIn Chicago, the music is Punk and the practice is Yoga. This goes for Seattle, New York, Toronto and Vancouver. Kimberlee Jensen Stedl began this movement in 2003, as she says “I had a very simple goal: to experiment with live music and yoga and teach in a nightclub setting, hoping to create an atmosphere that would attract teenagers.” (more…)

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Moving to India

Paloma Chavez
stat1.jpgWhen Anna Dubrovsky first visited India, little did she know that months later she will sell most of her belongings to live full time in India. She had been studying yoga for four years, but still felt like she was missing out on her life. (more…)
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Building Hope with Yoga

Paloma Chavez
yoga1.jpgSue Jones, founder of YogaHope in Boston believes that everyone should be able to experience yoga without it being cost prohibitive. When she experienced the benefits from a yoga retreat in Hawaii, her heart opened to the desire of being able to provide yoga to those people living in challenging situations. (more…)
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Yoga Amongst the Art

Paloma Chavez
museumyoga1.jpgWhen you attend a yoga class, do you take notice of your surroundings?  Generally we find ourselves in a soothing and relaxing environment, filled with meditative music and muted lights. How often have you found yourself in a gallery, enjoying the art and thinking, “I’d like to do a yoga class in here.” But at the time it might seem a bit unusual. (more…)
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A Basketball and a Yoga Mat

Paloma Chavez
kareemyoga.jpgWe have often discussed the benefits of yoga for all walks of life. From children to seniors, working moms to professional athletes, yoga has played an active role in their health goals.  But how did a 7-foot-2 giant of a man and basketball player begin to do yoga at the age of 14? (more…)
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A Thoughtful Yoga Magazine

Paloma Chavez
layoga.jpgAs we explore numerous research materials to bring you interesting and fun information about yoga and a balanced lifestyle, one of the best resources has been the LA Yoga magazine. At the recent SYTAR event, we had the great opportunity to meet with Felicia M. Tomasko, RN at their LA Yoga table. (more…)
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No Weight Limit in Yoga

Paloma Chavez
woyoga.jpgFor many men and women who are not the typical “average” size, yoga can be an intimidating exercise option. While there is always an eager encouragement that anyone can practice yoga, you rarely see multiple sizes demonstrating yoga in DVDs or in classes. (more…)
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