Hatha Yoga Can Help Your Swing

Paloma Chavez

yogagolf.jpgAlthough Yoga Golf has been circulating around for awhile, there is still some new ways that it is being adopted by the general public. At the Pelican Hill Golf Club in California they offer a golf clinic that is designed to bring balance and muscle control to your game.

According to Marie Friedlander who instructs the class along with PGA pro Glenn Deck “ If you’re on a tee getting ready to make a shot and you’re nervous because people are watching, you need to learn how to breathe and focus. Yoga helps it to come together.” The workshop is structured so that the golfer can observe their swing from a video tape in order to discern some key areas for adjustment. They are then taken through a series of Hatha yoga poses that will support their balance, and release any stressed muscles that may be hindering their full potential.

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