Yoga for Athletes

or professional athletes, there is always the danger of serious injuries that can easily take them out of the game. As athletes mature, the need for stability and flexibility are crucial to keep them fluid and steady. This is why Yoga is such an excellent choice for athletes.

Yoga for athletes can also assist with rehabilitation after an injury, through the gentle adaptation of yoga poses. As these yoga poses are performed, they can extend tight muscles and relieve the embedded tension that is often a cause for injuries.

From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Philadelphia Eagles football team, athletes and sports clubs are now making yoga a regular aspect of their training. Sports trainers and coaches are supporting the findings that adding yoga into their training can increase concentration and coordination. It has also been their experience that yoga is a great way to relieve frequent joint and muscle strain after a game.

For the everyday athlete who is interested in further exploring yoga as an addition to their training, there are several options.  Renowned yoga instructor, Rodney Yee, has Yoga Conditioning for Athletes, which is geared toward building endurance and muscle strengthening. The recent release of Yoga for Athletes, by yoga teacher and tri-athlete Kimberlee Fowler, is meant to connect one’s inner strength to mind, body and spirit.

Whether you are a golfer, a cyclist, or even a tri-athlete, including yoga into your daily regime can be a successful tool to finding the added edge that you are seeking.