Introducing Your Child to Yoga

e all recognize that maintaining health in mind and body is vital to a child’s upbringing. Active parents who want the best for their children’s emotional and physical wellbeing can often find it challenging to choose the right exercise program that is both safe and fun for their children.


In recent years, yoga has become a wonderful fitness alternative for the whole family. As a result, many yoga studios now recognize the benefits of offering yoga classes to parents and children.

Starting at the youngest age (12 months and younger), many studios now offer “Mommy and Me” yoga classes, although fathers are not excluded from participating. Children are able to engage in these classes in a variety of ways. The youngest children may only manage to observe their parents during a full session, but children of two years or beyond can actually mimic their parents in some of the simpler poses.

As your children grow older, there are more opportunities to involve them in the deeper aspects of a yoga practice. If you are a parent who practices yoga with your child, you may be surprised to find that, as they mature into their teens, yoga will help them become more confident about themselves.

Parents can also guide their children to learn and understand personal responsibility for their yoga practice. For example, helping them choose a mat can be an activity that’s fun but also a lesson in how to make responsible choices. And learning how to keep a mat clean and protected can be a good example of self-reliance.

When you are deciding what yoga program is a good fit for your child, you should also do some research on the yoga instructors who are conducting the classes. It is important to know if the teacher has actual training and experience in working with children. And don’t limit yourself to one teacher – find a few yoga studios that offer a variety of classes.

As a parent who decides to introduce your child to yoga, remember how important it is for you to remain patient, be open to your child’s exploration, and be watchful that they are enjoying themselves.