Young at 89

Paloma Chavez

Cake and CandleYoga master Kantilal Talati is a youthful 89-year-old who is looking forward to turning 90 next month. The first thing most people notice about him is that he is a humble man who enjoys life and is at peace with himself and the world. Whenever he’s asked how old he is, he humorously replies “I am very young now. I am 18 years!”

With a highly self-disciplined regime of multiple hours of yoga, prayer and writing, this youthful elder has created a balanced and joyful living. But this wasn’t always the case. As a young man, Talati used to go through four packs of cigarettes a day. Then, at the age of 44, he had a heart attack. While recovering from that life-threatening experience, he realized that he needed to change his lifestyle, so he embraced meditation and yoga. Now he says, “I never fall sick. Due to yoga.”

Each day, he rises early and, after giving thanks, has a light vegetarian breakfast with a hot lemon and honey drink. Then he commits himself to doing an hour of breath work followed by an hour of yoga. He doesn’t feel the need to take naps in the afternoon but instead spends an additional hour perfecting various yoga poses. He also spends several hours reading and writing about yoga, and walks for two miles before turning in for the night.

Originally from India, Talati relocated to Texas to live with family members after his wife of 66 years passed away last year. He sleeps in a small guest room that he chooses to keep sparsely furnished. His grand-daughter Arpita Shah, a 33-year-old nutritionist, calls her grandfather her hero.

Talati has achieved the highest yoga teaching position with Yoga Alliance, and he is fully qualified and able to teach at the 500-hour level. And his pursuits do not stop there – he even hopes to open a yoga studio next year.

Recently, when he was asked how long he thought he would live, he smiled serenely and replied, “As long as God gives me that bonus. It is not in my hand. I want to die healthy. That is always my prayer.”

To read more about this inspirational and remarkable man, check out the Star-Telegram article.[tags]yoga master, 89-year old yogi, Kantilal Talati, Yoga Alliance[/tags]

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