“Yogic Form” in the Wilderness

Francesca Silva

yoga-form.jpgSo I was telling you in my last blog about how yoga managed to find me, even in the wilderness.

While we were at the cabin by the lake, six people in their early twenties were staying in another cabin next to us. One morning, I walked out onto our deck and saw three lovely girls in bikinis practicing their yoga on their dock. I watched them for a while, impressed by their balancing skills. Then my husband came out to see what I was doing and he proceeded to watch them, commenting on how “fine their yogic form” was (uh-uh…never says that about me – and what would he know about “yogic form” anyway)! Well, of course, that comment brought the other men out – and the next thing they knew, those girls ended up having an audience!

An appreciative male audience, I might add.

Being beautiful girls in their twenties, having an audience didn’t deter them at all. They took it all in their stride – in fact, I’m sure some of their more strenuous poses were done with their “audience” in mind!

When the “show” was over, we all went back in for breakfast. “I never realized how great yoga could be,” my brother-in-law commented, with a grin. “Me neither,” responded my hubby with the exact same grin.

I pounced. “I’m so glad you’ve found such an appreciation for yoga because now we can finally take a class together.”

As expected, that immediately wiped the grin off my husband’s face – HA!

Since our return, he hasn’t brought it up again and has, in fact, remained suspiciously quiet about it. No doubt he’s hoping I’ll forget. But of course I won’t – I’m not about to give up this “land in your lap” opportunity!

And talk about perfect timing – our community recreation guide landed on our doorstep the day after we returned home. All I have to do now is find a class for both of us….

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