Yoga Videos

Margaret Kruszewska

I’ve been reviewing popular yoga videos and DVDs on the market. That means I actually do the yoga class – and I’m doing it as a beginner to really check out how good it might be for a newcomer to yoga.

I”m finding the set-up is often a challenge as you can’t really “watch” the video while trying to do the yoga poses. And sometimes this isn’t even taken into consideration. I”m also finding that most the the yoga videos aren’t labeled accurately when they advertise it as “beginners.”

But I’m also considering things like how knowledgeable the instructor may be, the productions values and who is the video really made for.

As I’m discovering in co-producing my own yoga DVD (hopefully available in the next few months), it takes not just good technicians but also good artists on your team to create a valuable and useful yoga production.

Any comments on what kind of yoga DVD you would find helpful in your at-home yoga practice?

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