Yoga to Restore Energy

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_restore-energy.jpgMy body aches after an extended yoga class. I’ve grown to recognize my own cycles of feeling stronger – and not. Depending on so many factors – rain, fatigue, eating too much or too little, a broken heart, financial worries – my body will hurt and then feel better, no doubt about it.

Learning to listen to it and responding accordingly is part of self-care. Knowing when to do a restorative session instead of a vigorous round is knowing your own yoga needs.

In many schools of yoga , restorative poses such as the resting poses (child’s pose and corpse pose) are recommended to restore our life energy. These are especially wonderful when you are recovering from an injury or at times when you are feeling exhausted and shouldn’t push yourself. Restrorative poses are also recommended before bedtime or to enhance fertility.

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