Yoga Therapy in Question

Paloma Chavez

yogatherapy.jpgIn a LA YOGA article by Julie Deife “Is Yoga Medicine”, she reports “2,000 yoga professionals are represented in the U.S. by the International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT).

Julie Deife is not only the editor and publisher for LA YOGA she is also on the advisory board for IAYT. Her article offers extensive background and dialogue on the beginnings of this movement and where the medical system stands on incorporating it into the healthcare system.

An interesting point that is covered in the article is the idea of the possible loss of the spirituality aspects of yoga in order for it to be “widely accepted” by the medical community. How do yoga therapists make these adjustments in order to maintain their credibility?

Integrative medicine has taken on many forms to include acupuncture, massage and now yoga therapy. But the lingering question for many practioners as described in this article is “What happens to the relationship aspect?” As we have all experienced with western medicine, often times doctors are overbooked and find that they have a set amount of minutes to spend with each patient. The concern is that these new practioners will be subject to the same schedule.

And isn’t that one of the reasons why we have sought out alternative healers in the first place? It is one that the IAYT is closely considering monitoring for the field.

For the full article check out LAYOGA March edition.
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