A Sustainable Yoga Practice

Paloma Chavez

senioryogapose.jpgKeeping up with your body as it shifts and evolves can be a daunting task. As we all experience the benefits of our yoga practice, we recognize how much easier it is to manage the natural progression that comes with age.

But sometimes we all need a little encouragement to get back on the mat. We came across these two stories that we felt were an inspiring example of joy and commitment to a lifelong yoga practice.

First there is Pat Shipley, 75 years young woman in British Columbia, Canada, brought to us by the Comox Vally Record. As a yoga student and teacher for the last 45 years she has found a supportive and thriving community. Ms Shipley’s advise, “Will I retire? I don’t think so,” Shipley said. “Yoga is something you can do for a lifetime.”

Next we bring you Rosalia Holt, 84 of Chicago, written in the Chicago Defender Newspaper. Once featured on the cover of Yoga Chicago at her spry age of 79 she continues to teach at her local church and other centers around Chicago. She began her practice over 40 years ago as a way to help her fellow women parishioners relieve their daily stresses. According to Ms. Holt, “I live a full life and I enjoy the luxuries of it all.”

Enjoy and be active!
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