Yoga Surprise!

Francesca Silva

A good friend’s 50th birthday is coming up soon and some of us have decided to throw her a surprise birthday party. She’s a wonderful person who’s full of energy and enthusiasm – and she never hesitates to lend a helping hand when someone needs it.

She’s also a self-proclaimed “yoga nut.” So of course the theme for her 50th birthday surprise is a no brainer – we’re throwing her a “yoga” party! We’re excited about this opportunity to show Leanne how much she means to us, but we’re really going to have to get our creative juices flowing! We’re going to decorate the house with yoga mats, colorful yoga towels, yoga blocks, lavender headrest pillows, and lots of flowers, which Leanne loves. Also, Leanne’s sister is (somehow) going to take photos of Leanne doing various yoga poses so that we can paste them on to a decorative poster board and give each pose a name relating to Leanne’s life. (For example, the “downward dog” pose will be re-named “downward Digger” (Leanne’s dog’s name).

We’ll start the party off with laughter yoga and then go on to a “guess that pose” game. After that, we should have worked up quite an appetite, so we’ll raid the food table. We’re preparing some of Leanne’s favorite foods and I’ll give a brief demonstration on how to prepare healthy smoothies in a juicer. Then we’ll indulge ourselves with home-made facials, using a great “recipe” that I found online.

Have any of you ever thrown a yoga party? If so, I’d love it if you could share some of your ideas with me. And for those of you who’ve never even thought of throwing a yoga party, I hope this has given you an idea …wouldn’t it be a blast?!
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