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Paloma Chavez

DC_yoga-and-medical.jpgMost if not all of us have at some time in our lives suffered from various illnesses. As yoga practitioners, we recognize the benefits that a regular yoga practice can have on alleviating many of these stresses on our bodies.

However, the great news is that medical professionals are now also acknowledging that yoga can be beneficial in treating a variety of diseases and illnesses.

This recognition is the result of more than 1,000 studies that have been conducted over the years to determine whether yoga can promote overall wellness in patients suffering from a various ailments.

Sarah Avery, a staff writer for News & Observer, has collated a series of updates from the many medical centers and schools that have researched the beneficial aspects of yoga. In her article, Sarah points out that there has been a definite increase of interest and support by physicians and scientists for yoga as an alternative medicine.

For example, studies done by researchers from UNC Hospitals and physicians at Duke University have shown significant progress from patients who are dealing with irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, menopause, and even cancer.

William Frey has been a strong supporter of the benefits of yoga on treating illnesses, and for many years he has been leading a yoga class at Rex Healthcare in Raleigh as part of the UNC-Chapel Hill program on Integrative medicine. Frey is convinced that “By taking care of stress, you’re starting to eliminate some of the diseases that are caused by it.” He does admit, though, that initially “there was some concern we might be bringing spiritual elements into a very clinical setting. Getting the word out was difficult – so much else was going on that was scientifically based, this was pushed off.” However, Frey says that “…as people have seen its staying power, and see the results and research, there’s beginning to be more respectability.

Another encouraging note is that the National Institute of Health is now funding various studies on yoga and its curative values.

So if you’re ever suffering from ill health or you know of someone who is, you may want to find out more about the restorative benefits of yoga.

For more information on this, you can read Sarah’s full article at Yoga gains respect among doctors.

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