Introducing My Mother to Yoga

derek kadota

DK_Yoga-with-Mom.jpgWhen I found out that my mother would be in town for the Thanksgiving weekend, I jumped on the opportunity to take my mother to her first yoga class before her road trip to Vegas.

She’s watched yoga sessions on television, but actually taking a class in person is a whole new experience. So, I advised her on what to wear and prepped her to be ready for a 90-minute yoga workout.

Prior to arriving at the yoga studio, I asked my mother what yoga poses she has done and if there may be any discomfort her body is currently experiencing before attempting certain poses. She said she was fine and looking forward to this yoga workout! I, too, was excited for it’s been a while since my last yoga session.

As we sat in the studio with all of our props (yoga mats, blanket, blocks, and straps), I recommended that my mother stretch and work on her breaths before we started class. She then felt more relaxed and ready for class.

To my surprise, we had a different yoga instructor named, Ann, so I knew that our yoga workout would not be as intense as with my previous instructor.

Since my mother was in front of me, I would oftentimes help her with her posture and poses. The instructor would come by and assist my mother as well.

After the yoga workout, my mother felt relieved and was looking forward to seeing if her body would feel the “good” effects the following day.

Sure enough, my mother quickly called me on her drive to Las Vegas, thanking me for taking her to that yoga session; her back and neck felt great in the morning when waking up.

I do hope that she’ll find a yoga studio back in Hilo of Big Island, Hawaii and continue to find the benefits of doing yoga.

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2 Responses to “Introducing My Mother to Yoga”

  1. David says:

    Hi I have a friend who goes to several yoga studios in Hilo. She gave me their websites, so I am listing for your mother to try out. I hope she lives close by.

    Balancing Monkey
    Yoga Centered

    Sounds like she is a beginner yogi, so make sure to tell her to take basic, gentle, or beginner’s class. I don’t know how old she is but yoga for seniors might be good for her as well.

    Good luck,

  2. Derek says:


    I truly appreciate you forwarding these links to me, for I will definitely send this to my mother and have her check it out! She’s currently in Vegas (as most Hawaii retirees frequently go to), so she’ll be ecstatic that I’m looking out for her well being. Mahalo!

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