Yoga Men Hanging Out

Paloma Chavez

Senior Man Doing YogaDo you know where your senior friends or relatives are this morning? Well, if you happen to live in the community of Brockport, NY, they may just be hanging out with Nancy Burhyte at the Burhyte Ballet School – except they won’t be learning how to do ballet poses, such as the first position or an arabesque, but will rather be in a yoga forward bend or child’s pose.

In addition to ballet classes at her school, Nancy Burhyte teaches yoga classes for adults and, in October 2007, initiated a class for men only. The men who attend this class vary in age from 54 to 78 and, according to Nancy, “The people who are 80 are so much like the 6-year-olds…I can hear such wisdom out of the mouth of a 6-year-old, and I can sometimes hear such a need from an older person.”

Most of these men lead active lives – some still work, while others are busy with their personal activities. They are seeking a place that will enable them to relieve the stresses of their daily lives and renew their energy. As one student explains, “It’s just a bunch of interesting guys with interesting experiences who like a sense of community.”
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