Kriya Yoga Congress

Paloma Chavez

Roy Eugene DavisThe Second International Kriya Yoga Congress will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, from August 28-30 this year. Kriya, which means “action”, is an ancient yoga practice that accelerates spiritual development, cultivates an enlightended state of tranquility, and engenders an affinity with God. Whether participants are experienced in kriya yoga or are new to the practice, this event promises to be “an opportunity to learn the philosophical principles and practices of kriya yoga.”

Over three days, participants will be immersed in a series of workshops that will be led by respected and experienced national and international yoga teachers. In addition to the daily yoga classes and meditation, there will be chanting sessions with Swami Nirvanananda and the Gitanjali Singers.

Panel discussions with guest presenters will cover areas such as the practice of Ayurveda with Ron Hadsall, projects coordinator at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the evolution of consciousness with Marty Wuttke, the founder of the Southern Institute of Psycho-Physiology in Clayton, Georgia.

This two-day event, which concludes on Saturday evening with a vegetarian banquet and a special program, will give practitioners the opportunity to “enjoy the companionship of others who are dedicated to this spiritual path.”

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  1. Kriya Yogi Steven Dean says:

    This will be a great event for anyone interested in Kriya Yoga as taught by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda – Roy Eugene Davis. I went to the First Kriya Yoga Congress 2 years ago and it was a deeply inspiring event. Mr. Davis will personally initiate all attendees into the Kriya Yoga Pranayama technique. As with all events and retreats led by Mr. Davis, there is no charge – everything is available to all on a donation basis. I HIGHLY recommend this event to anyone interested in meditation and God-Realization!

  2. Umang Dawn says:

    Let us know about any further events of Yoga

    Umang Dawn

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