Yoga and World Peace

Paloma Chavez

September 21st is designated as the UN International Day of Peace. And this year it is being celebrated around the world with the dedication of yoga studios, practioners, and students who are gathering to promote peaceful action and fundraising on behalf of some of the world’s most crucial issues.

From September 21st to 23rd an international event called the Global Mala Project will take place in 35 countries, from intimate gatherings to citywide efforts.

In Los Angeles, the goal is to bring 1008 yoga teachers and thousands of supporters to convene at the LA Convention Center to partake in a day of ritual celebration through music, dance and yoga.

Each center is responsible for designating a charitable center to make a financial offering in behalf of supporting a global peaceful consciousness. Some of the suggested organizations are Youth AIDS, Global Warming and Children Refugees of War.

According to the local organizers this call to action is being promoted in order to bring about ”the power of collective consciousness by creating a Peace Wave around the world.” Notable artists and teachers that have committed to lend their name and support to this global gathering are, Shiva Rea, Seane Corne, Russell Simmons, and Michael Bernard Beckwith.

The Global Mala Project has an interactive website where you can download support materials, charitable organization lists and action steps to include your studio or class.  Let us all take the time to offer our hearts and minds to this unique and vital effort to bring awareness to the lives of others who are in crisis and difficulty.

Look for future blog posts about the event, as the staff of YogaHub will be bringing you actual accounts of the gathering in Los Angeles.
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