Virtually Impossible to Resist!

Francesca Silva

Oh wow…

I recently received YogaHub’s latest newsletter about the Virtual World Yoga Conference that’s taking place from February 19 to 21. It really caught my interest so I decided to check it out in more detail.

Now, by nature I have to admit that I’m somewhat wary of signing up for workshops and “how to” sessions. The cynical part of my nature (which I’m trying to subdue) always wants to know “what’s the catch?

But in this case, I can’t find one – the catch, that is! I can’t believe the variety of workshops being offered – there really is something for everyone! Topics range from sessions on yoga for mood management to laughter yoga to increasing your energy through nutrition to marketing your yoga business – it’s all there. And it really appeals to a “homebody” like me because I can participate by phone or internet and don’t have to worry about those painfully expensive traveling costs.

Forgive me if I sound like I’m trying to promote this teleconference, although I guess in a way I am. It’s just that I’m excited about it and want to share that excitement with everyone.

So all I have to do now is decide which sessions to hone in on – unfortunately, I can’t participate in all of them “live” or I’ll be reeling from information overload. But one of the many great things about this Conference is that, since it’s a virtual one, every event will be recorded, so as long as I’ve registered, I will be able to listen to the recordings for a limited time after the Conference – the organizers really have thought of everything!

So hopefully I’ll “see” you there – and we can share a virtual wave!
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