Are You Suffering From ‘Type A’ Yoga?

John Sovec

Leave your competitive self with your shoes!It is such a challenge in our modern “go get it” world to actually find the time to stop and rest. We are constantly encouraged to be productive and push our limits. For many people, this ‘type A’ energy influences their yoga practice. It is so easy in a yoga class to let competition get in the way of wisdom. You know that moment when you realize that the person next to you is “working it out” and, even though you’re feeling a little tired, you push it so that you don’t seem like a yoga wimp.

The wisest things you can learn in yoga is the ability to let yourself just be who you are. If you are tired, then be a tired yogi. If you highly energized, be a high-energy yogi. It is when you try to fake it that your body gets overwhelmed and you leave class feeling worse than when you arrived.

So leave your competitive self at the door with your shoes! Just let it go and enjoy your yoga.

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Author: John Sovec

John Sovec is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher serving the community of Pasadena. In his therapy work John specializes in focusing clients on uncovering their personal strengths, building upon those strengths, and encouraging clients to live the best lives…

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