Poses for Our Pooches

Paloma Chavez

yogadog1.jpgAs many of my friends will confirm, I am a dedicated animal rights advocate. I also love yoga and when I am practicing it at home, as soon as I bring out my mat the dogs run over and flop on top of it. After a few shakes of the mat they settle to the side and wait.

Except for the littlest of the pack that truly enjoys running around my Downward Dog pose and curling up around my feet on my Child’s Pose. And that is the extent of their ability to perform any dog yoga poses.

But for many others, this is a weekly activity for themselves and their pooches. And at Muttropolis, located in La Jolla and Solano Beach they can get their dog yoga fill. Muttropolis will be hosting a “Health, Wellness & Spaw Day May 3-4th. Each day will begin with a Doga Yoga class that will be conducted by experienced yoga teacher Stacy McCarthy and her animal friend Buddha, a Bermese Mountain Dog.

In addition proceeds from this class will help to support the efforts of the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

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