The Gifts of Asana

Paloma Chavez

forestyoga.jpgOur oneness with our breath, our body and our environment plays an activating role in our yoga pratice. How we walk this earth, listen to our elders, or tend to our community can be a reflection of how we understand the teachings of yoga.

And from our efforts we seek to gain balance, peaceful thoughts, increased energy, flexibility in mind and body, amongst many others. So when I came across the article by Sarah Ivanhoe on the online site of Fit Yoga, entitled The Nature of Asana, I was encouraged.

She delicately retells the story of how one man’s journey inward while in nature, which then became the discovering moment of yoga. To extend this story, is a series of photos with yoga practioners in their favorite yoga pose.
What is your favorite pose? Share with us your own story of personal discovery

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