A Fight for Yoga

Paloma Chavez

lily.jpg“In 1989 was the year Moscow opened the door to yoga. “

Imagine living in a society where the practice of yoga was looked upon as a cause for possible imprisonment. Books on yoga were photocopied and passed secretly to small groups, people were spied upon so that an underground network existed to share the teachings, or practiced in the forest.

Writer Kristen Barendsen brings to light the painful and extraordinary stories of several yoginis who were forced to protect their commitment to yoga against a Communist regime.

In 2006, her article Yoga Behind the Iron Curtain appeared in the Yoga+Joyful Living Magazine.

She writes, “These everyday heroes risked their safety and defied authority in order to keep the yoga traditions alive in their countries. They told very human stories of both courage and capitulation under pressure.”

A fascinating and inspirational article that offers a range of interviews, with a historical look at the Communist regime who “supported” a select group of yoga practioners. Some comment that it was a way to keep a closer eye on those who were gathered, others think it was a yogic act.
What would you be willing to do to continue your practice?

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